This is our Land.
We are the Land.

The Tahltan Stewardship Initiative (TSI) is our opportunity for transformative change based on the recognition of Tahltan Title and Rights



Tahltan Territory

Now, we have a say in decisions that matter for our people in accordance with our values and knowledge. We decide how to protect our culture, care for our lands, water, fish, and wildlife. We decide how to sustainably manage our natural resources and economic development in our Territory.

TSI means Tahltans working together to transform how things are done. Through TSI, the rules are changing. And we are shaping the process. 

TSI With Us
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The Tahltan Nation will fulfill its inherent stewardship responsibilities for all lands, water, air, wildlife, fish and natural resources in Tahltan Territory.


For Tahltans, by Tahltans. Members, get involved and participate in this generational change.